John B. Dutton
Freelance copywriting and creative writing
[email protected]


Originally from Britain, I've been working in the North American communications industry for almost 30 years. My clientele has ranged from billion-dollar corporations to small charities. All require the same service - the right words for the job.

Who defines the right words? The people who read, hear or see them. Which means that I have to look beyond my client and focus on their clients. The first rule of effective communication is to put yourself in the minds of the audience.

Entertainment or Commerce?

Over a decade spent in the entertainment industry, followed by almost twenty years in advertising, have enabled me to fine-tune two distinctly different types of writing. These two fields of expertise are covered in the relevant sections in the main menu above. My CV is also available for download, and please feel free to contact me by email or phone to request writing samples.